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Below you'll find a list of activities offered by Lion's Tours

Activities nearby Lion’s guesthouse

These activities are available as day activities and are also included in our self drive tours.  

Please make sure to give us a 48hrs to arrange any of these activities for you and your family !!

 Self Drive Game viewing (30 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

The Loskop Dam Nature Reserve is home to an abundance of vibrant birdlife and exciting wildlife. In fact, there are over 70 species of mammals on the reserve including 3 of the Big Five, theBuffalo, White Rhino and Leopard. It is therefore a protected area. Other fascinating wildlife such as hippo, warthog, giraffe, plenty of buck and other wildlife abound in the spectacular Loskop Dam reserve. The reserve also has a “braai” area”, so pack your coolerbag and some meat and let’s go !

 Sunset Game viewing Cruize (30 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 The Loskop Dam is a 27km long dam which makes it the largest dam in the Southern Hemisphere. The dam measures over 2 350 hectares. Surrounding the Dam is Loskop Dam Nature reserve and at sunset all animals come towards the Dam. With a boat on Loskop Dam you can treat yourself to some magnificent views.

 Lion Walk (20 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 This is an experience of a lifetime. You walk with a Lion in the African Bush. The Lion sets the pace so the walk can take anything from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Have you ever thought of kissing a lion on its nose? Well this is your opportunity.

All the Lions and Tigers kept at the predator park were rejected by their parents soon after birth and were then handfed by the Fernandes family. Sorry no kids under 16.

 Lion’s Show, cheetah run, play with lion and tiger cubs (20 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 This is a fantastic option for a family with children. Watch the shows of the Tigerman and play around with some lion and tiger cubs.

 Township Tour (20 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Get to know the vibrant life of a South African Township. Have a look at the current South African reality. Problems like malnutrition, child headed households and HIV/Aids and TB are still very much alive in these lower income neighborhoods. (This activity is only available from Monday to Thursday)

 Groblersdal Farms (Between 10 min and 30 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Most of the farms in Groblersdal are specializing in Grapes, Wheat, Maize and Citrus. The Citrus pack houses are very busy during the winter months while the grape season is summer. The business of running a farm of 100’s of hectares is definitely worth a visit.

 Groblersdal Golf (2 min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Groblersdal is the home of a 9 hole bushveld golf course.

 Hunting (between 15 minutes and 30 minute drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 From May to August each year, the Groblersdal area is visited by local and international hunters. The major buckspecies e.g. Blue Wildebeest, Nyala, Kudu, Impala, Gemsbuck and others can be hunted in the area.

 Long distance activities

 Dullstroom (1h15min drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Dullstroom and its surroundings is primarily a haven for family fun, fly-fishing and country fresh air. The wide selection of elegant hotels and a variety of country accommodation, eateries, shops and activities, have made this an appealing tourist destination and an ideal stop-over on the way to the Lowveld andKrugerPark. The bird rehabilitation centre at its daily shows are a must-do.

 Pelgrim’s Rest (2hr drive from Lion’s guesthouse)

 The uniqueness of this historic village is vividly evident in its museums and historic sites. It offers the visitor a fascinating window into the past and captures the spirit of a bygone era and its people in their quest for gold. The entire town ofPilgrim's Rest was declared a National Monument in 1986 as a living memory of the early gold rush days inSouth Africaduring the late 1800s / early 1900s.

 The Bourke Potholes (2,5 to 3 hrs drive from Lion’s guesthouse)

 This natural water feature marks the beginning of theBlydeRiverCanyon. Through countless eons the swirling whirlpools which occur as theTreurRiverplunges into theBlydeRivercaused waterborne sand and rock to grind huge, cylindrical potholes into the bedrock of the river.

  God’s Window (2,5 to 3 hrs drive from Lion’s guesthouse)

 Situated on the Drakensberg escarpment in Mpumalanga is God’s Window. Just one look down and you will begin to understand why it is called "God's Window". 
With magnificent views, canyons, rock formations and waterfalls, God's Window is truly an area of breathtaking scenic splendour. Gods Window is so called for the panoramic view of the Lowveld more than 900 m down into lush indigenous forest clad ravine.

 Three rondavels (2,5 to 3 hrs drive from Lion’s guesthouse)

 Exactly as they sound, the Three Rondavels are three round mountain tops with slightly pointed tops, very similar to the traditional round or oval African homesteads made with local materials called rondavels.

  Elephant Sanctuary (1,5 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Elephant brush downs
This very special educational program is unique to The Elephant Sanctuary. The experience includes brushing down and grooming of the elephants with their handlers on a one-on-one basis, followed by our trunk-in-hand elephant interaction educational program.

Elephant trunk-in-hand program
An amazing 1.5 hours of up-close and personal interactive educational program with the elephants in their natural environment. Have the opportunity of walking trunk-in-hand with elephants. It is a wonderful experience unique to The Elephant Sanctuary. You get the opportunity to learn about elephant personalities, habits and behaviour.

 Kruger National Park (3 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Truly the flagship of the South African national parks, Kruger is home to an impressive number of species: 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals.

  Chimpanzee Sanctuary (2,5 to 3 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Set on a 1000 hectare game reserve, JGI Chimpanzee Eden is a home to chimpanzees that have been misplaced from their natural habitat.  The world renowned Jane Goodall Institute has made this tranquil venue their South African sanctuary and has committed itself to the rescue and care take of chimpanzees in need of refuge. 

 Swaziland (2,5 to 3 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Swaziland is a little Kingdom nesteld in South Africawith an overload of    activities available. You are going through a borderpost, so don’t forget your passport ! You’ll receive a visum for a small fee at the border.Activities available: White water rafting, adventure caving, abseiling, hiking , canopy tours, cultural tours, safaris and a wide variety of shops and markets where you can find the most fantastic arts and crafts.

 Soweto (2 to 2,5 hours drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 The most populous black urban residential area in the country, with a population of around a million. Thanks to its proximity to Johannesburg, the economic hub of the country, it is also the most metropolitan township in the country - setting trends in politics, fashion, music, dance and language.
Soweto's origins go back to 1903, when Kliptown was established after authorities cleared an inner city slum on the pretext of trying to eradicate an outbreak of bubonic plague. Soweto exploded in violent riots on June 16, 1976, when schoolchildren took the struggle against apartheid into their own hands. Hundreds of children around the country died on this day, butSouth Africa was never to be the same again – the slow road to democracy had begun, culminating in the elections of 1994 and the established of democracy in the country.

 Apartheids museum (2 to 2,5 hours drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 TheApartheidMuseumopened in 2001 and is acknowledged as the pre-eminent museum in the world dealing with 20th centurySouth Africa, at the heart of which is the apartheid story.

  Cradle of Human Kind (2 to 2,5 hours drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 The Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site is a remarkable 47 000 hectare destination with a rich and fascinating history told to us through the ancient fossils that have been found here.

Visit the world-famous Sterkfontein Caves and the award-winning Visitor Interpretation Centre at Maropeng.

  Cheetah Research and breeding centre (1,5 to 2 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 The Cheetah Centre in South Africa was established in 1971, initially as a cheetah breeding project and the Centre has during the past 40 years bred over 800 cheetah cubs.  Various conservation projects have been initiated since its inception which also inlcudes a successful African wild dog breeding programme.

  City Trips

 Pretoria (1,5 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 Union Buildings, Krugerhouse museum, FreedomPark, Voortrekker monument

  Johannesburg (2 hrs drive from Lion’s Guesthouse)

 OrientalPlaza, Top of Africa (CarltonCentre), JohannesburgArtGallery, Melville, Soweto, Apartheids museum, GoldReefCity